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Ardmore Community Fund

Hornbill Sculptural Bowl

Hornbill Sculptural Bowl

On Auction | Ends 31/12/23

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Crafted meticulously by the renowned artists at Ardmore, this ceramic artwork embodies the spirit of African elegance and the whispers of nature.

Every intricate detail tells a story, reflecting the heart and soul poured into its creation.

From its flawless curves to the vibrant colour palette, the piece mirrors the timeless charm of KwaZulu-Natal, connecting you with the deep roots of South African culture.

By owning this exclusive Ardmore creation, you're not just acquiring an artwork, but a piece of history and a testament to the exceptional talent that the region fosters.

Place your bid today and be part of a legacy, while directly supporting the dreams of young artists from the Ardmore Community Fund.

Starting at R15,000, grasp the chance to own a unique piece that bridges worlds, celebrating both art and philanthropy.

Tax Certificates

SA Donors can receive a Section 18a Tax Certificate on request when buying these pre-built donation packages.

For USA Donors who wish to receive a tax certificate they must make their donation though our partnership with CUSP by donating here.

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