Ardmore Community Fund


Giving the youth of the KZN midlands the gift of creativity - fostering confidence, critical thinking and the skills to thrive.


Our community children are fighting daily battles, and we are here to uplift them, providing them with the resources and support they require to rise above their challenges.

  • 77% face food scarcity needs.
  • 62% live in women or child-headed households.
  • 80% receive sponsorship for their school fees, gifting them a holistic academic education, extramural activities, and daily nourishment.
  • Ensured healthcare and psychosocial support through our steadfast partnership with Angels Care Centre.

Positive Increases

We celebrate the positive strides we've made, showcasing a noticeable increase in the realm of creative arts and more:

  • Distinctions achieved in Creative Arts.
  • Higher academic averages.
  • Choir growth to 39 vibrant voices.
  • Marimba band expansion to 11 talented members.
  • Drumming band enlivened with 16 energetic children.

Empowerment Through Thembelihle

Through financial contributions, we empower Thembelihle School to:

  • Procure excellent educational resources for Creative Arts and Music.
  • Hire expert teachers for focused creative arts education.
  • Integrate STEAM learning, encouraging learners to bring their knowledge to life through art.
  • Expand the music club, fostering self-esteem and confidence through musical expression.
  • Offer children opportunities to participate in enriching events and experiences.

Additional Sponsorships

Beyond funding the Thembelihle Art Program we proudly sponsor 7 deserving children their full school fees - a collaboration bridging Ardmore, Angels’ Care Centre Pre-Primary, and Thembelihle School.

2023 Events

Join us as we reminisce about the enriching events of 2023 that brought smiles, knowledge, and artistic enlightenment:

  • Kwazulu Natal Philharmonic Orchestra educational programme at Thembelihle.
  • Generous Panda Paints donation.
  • Thembelihle's 30th Anniversary Celebration.
  • Howick Preparatory School Choir Event.
  • Hilton College Opera performance in their theatre.
  • Ardmore Youth Day.
  • Hilton Arts Festival.
  • Hilton College Mural Painting.
  • Ardmore Heritage Day.
  • Art Celebration Day and collaboration with Hilton College.

Get in Touch

For a deeper insight into our operations and to explore collaborative opportunities, reach out to us:

  • Non-Profit Organisation: 930042047
  • Public Benefit Organisation: 930042047
  • Access audited financial statements and annual reports, 18A TAX certificates, EVS Certificate
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