About Us

Hello and welcome to the Ardmore Community Fund. We are more than just an organisation; we are a sanctuary for untapped potential, a symphony of dreams waiting to be composed, and a gallery of futures yet to be designed.

Why We Exist

We exist because art is not a luxury; it's a necessity. It's the color to a world that can often appear black and white. It's the music that fills the silence. It's the story that gives life to characters and emotions otherwise left unexplored. But for children in the Kwazulu Natal Midlands of South Africa, art is an experience often denied.

Our Inspiration

Ardmore, a name synonymous with creativity and artistic expression, seeks to integrate that spirit even further with the local communities it cherishes. As we've grown, so too has our desire to give back. The Ardmore Community Fund emerged from a vision of social responsibility, one born out of respect for our roots and a passionate love for the arts. The Fund is the canvas on which we sketch our community’s future.

The Challenges We Address

Artists and students in our region face an uphill battle. There are few platforms for emerging artists, minimal job prospects, and a scarcity of educational programs focusing on the arts. This is not just about creating artists; this is about cultivating a culture of creativity across fields and industries. A waiter with a flair for storytelling can transform a dining experience, just as a charismatic salesperson can turn a transaction into a memorable interaction.

The Impact We Aim For

Our immediate mission is simple yet profound: to infuse young lives with the gift of the arts. We want to bring resources, mentorship, and most of all, hope to these young visionaries. We are not only nurturing their talents but also instilling a sense of self-worth that will be their companion throughout life. Our longer-term vision is ambitious but attainable: more schools, more programs, and a sustainable impact on communities at large.

Why Ardmore Community Fund is Unique

We bring something exceptionally unique to the table—the Ardmore brand, a promise of excellence, and a focus on the arts that is often overlooked by other initiatives. We believe that we are because of others; in our world of artistry and imagination, there is room for everyone.

So join us as we dare to challenge the status quo, painting a world where every child believes in the beauty of their dreams. Where every note, every color, every word is a step toward a brighter, more vibrant future. Together, let's turn this vision into a masterpiece.

Welcome to the Ardmore Community Fund—where creativity isn't just nurtured; it's unleashed.

Feel free to inspire, engage, and discover more about us and how you can be a part of this incredible journey. Your contribution, whether time or resources, is a brushstroke in this ever-expanding mural of change.

Would you like to see how you can be a part of our mission? Click here to donate now. Your generosity is your legacy. Thank you for believing in the power of art and community.

Meet the team

Bongiwe Dlamini

Head of Arts & Music

Bongiwe holds a Master’s degree in Ethnomusicology. She enrolled at UKZN School of Arts and then participated in an exchange program in the Royal School of Music in Sweden and completed her undergraduate in Ghana University. She majored in classical music with violin and her practical study was African music and dance.

She has done research and performed in Sweden, Stockholm (Folk music Violin ), Ghana (Cwi and AgaMusic), Kenya (Chakacha and Mwomboko Music), Seychelles (Creole),and Canada (2011, International Conference for Traditional Music). She is a passionate Arts and Music teacher and brings huge amounts of joy, discipline, knowledge, and energy to her classrooms. She opens a space for the children to express themselves in creative ways. She is an asset to Thembelihle. 

  • Josie Rowe-Setz

    Chairwoman of the Ardmore Community Fund

  • Megan Fée Berning 

    Managing Director of Ardmore Ceramic Art

  • Dr Carolyn Hancock

    Chairperson at Angels' Care and Thembelihle School

  • Kate Anderson

    Engineer and Family Member

  • Rosalind Menne

    Lawyer and Mediator