Champions of Creativity:
Our Esteemed Donors

Behind every brushstroke, every note played, and every dance step taken, there's a generous heart fueling the passion.

Meet the remarkable individuals and organisations who have generously contributed to the Ardmore Community Fund. Their belief in the transformative power of art and education is helping shape brighter futures every day.

Individual donor


"Ardmore first captivated me in 2016 when I saw it at a shop in Cape Town. As soon as I returned to the US, I researched it and the more I learned, the more it drew me in; the artists, Fée and her team and the art itself was incomparable to any I’ve seen. When Ardmore started the Community Fund, it gave us the perfect opportunity to assist Ardmore in continuing to support the concept of Ubuntu. Few things make my heart really sing, and Ardmore is one."